Welcome to NTI - Foundation Dean Professor John Loxton

It is my great pleasure to introduce you Nan Tien Institute.

Nan Tien Institute is a higher education institution that draws on centuries of Buddhist wisdom in a tradition stretching back to the great Nalanda University in India in 400 AD.

Nalanda University developed as the first residential university and 2,000 scholars and 10,000 students from all over the Buddhist world lived and studied there. Nalanda University forged the Buddhist tradition of focussing on knowledge and understanding as ways of solving problems.
Nan Tien Institute continues this tradition and fosters the importance of learning as a life-long quest for knowledge, skills and wisdom. Our vision is to support and inspire learning through the pursuit of research and creative practice. We aim to contribute to the advancement and integration of knowledge, culture and ethical understanding for the benefit of humanity in an increasingly complex and globally interdependent world. Our mission is to educate students in a context informed by Buddhist wisdom and values. We are a dynamic international learning community that facilitates the exchange of arts and culture, cultural understanding and appreciation through the academic study of the arts, education, human welfare, religions and other disciplines.
Students have the opportunity to be part of a unique learning environment that provides quality higher education for the 21st Century. They are supported in their journey to acquire knowledge and skills, as well as develop strong values that guide them to become aware and active members of society, evolve successful and stimulating careers, and live a spiritually rich and mindful life.
Nan Tien Institute is a serene place of learning which impresses everyone who visits. I look forward to sharing it with you as we continue to grow and evolve into a comprehensive university.

Emeritus Professor John Loxton,
Foundation Dean,
Nan Tien Institute