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Buddhist Studies is a unique and innovative post graduate course developed in response to widespread interest in Buddhism among Australians and international students.

Buddhism plays an important role in local and global affairs. NTI's post graduate courses offer you a broad and comprehensive understanding of Buddhism and it applies to modern society.

NTI students do not just acquire knowledge and skills. They develop a good personality through the values encouraged at NTI in preparation for a successful career, and a spiritually rich and peaceful life. Creativity, adaptability and leadership are fostered at NTI, enabling students to become active and useful members of society.

Graduate Career Paths

NTI students can enrol in the Buddhist Studies courses and special interest subject to gain a deeper understanding of Buddhist thought, practice, and history. more

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For information on our University Partners, or for job sites in Australia. more

Careers at NTI

At NTI we offer a range of Career Opportunities ranging from interships, to full-time work.


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