FREE SEMINAR: Integrating Mindfulness and Mind-Body Skills with Children

16 Years of Building Resilience through a Whole School Approach - Free Seminar

Event Details

Date: 15th October 2015
Time: 6:15pm - 7:30pm
Location: NTI Wollongong Campus
Address: 231 Nolan Street Unanderra 2526 NSW
Cost: Free
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About the seminar

  • Become sensitive to the four needed dimensions of a long-term program.
  • Explore the six ingredients that enhance mindfulness and resilience with children.
  • Learn about some of the mindfulness scripts that children love the most.
  • Learn about imagery principles that enhances mindfulness and learning from within.
  • Try the inquiry questions that we found the most useful as feedback.

"We started to introduce mindfulness-based programs into primary schools in Israel since year 2000, focusing on whole-school involvement (classes, teachers and parents). The mindfulness-based classes are part of the curriculums on a once a week basis, for a minimum of 1-2 years and up to (currently) 15 years. In order to enhance motivation, engagement, insights and application, the model integrates specific imagery, movement, playfulness, journal management, circle and inquiry techniques, "tested" during the last 15 years with thousands of children (and teachers). Specific feedback forms, capturing children's perspectives, became our most valuable resource for shaping, changing and improving the integrative model.

Our collective data analysis shows specific contribution in many areas, including self awareness and concentration skills, inner resilience, emotionsl intelligence, mind-body healing, self image, and interpersonal relationship (and academic aceivement)."

About the speaker

Dr Nimrod Sheinman, BSc, ND
Founder and Director, 
Israel Center for Mindfulness in Education


Nimrod Sheinman, ND is one of Israel's most experienced and well-respected mind-body authorities. He is currently Director of Israel's Institute for Mindfulness in Education, and was previously the Co-Founder and Director of Israel's Center for Mind-Body Medicine.

The first mindfulness in schools project in Israel, which he initiated over 16 years ago with support from Israel's Ministry of Education, has reached thousands of children, teachers and parents. He has presented his model and outcomes in international conferences in England, Canada, US, Australia and Israel.

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