A Message from Professor Grier Lin

“The Nan Tien Institute Foundation aims to raise funds for the establishment and growth of NTI. Giving to NTI is going the extra mile to support teaching and research, provide opportunities for students and create partnerships that positively impact our community and people’s lives. It is our donors that make a difference, and I invite you to take part in such an honourable course of contribution."

It is my objective and dream to create a superior, happier learning and teaching environment that is a model for other universities internationally. One which, facilitates cultural understanding and appreciation, empowers students with an education that encourages learning and the pursuit of research, and creative practice in a happy, positive and nurturing environment. Seeing some of the life-changing research our students are doing motivates me to find new ways to provide opportunities for all who want to discover knowledge, regardless of their backgrounds or financial status, as these students will help change our world. The inspiration from our students, alumni, staff, community and other leaders of transformation is what makes me want to contribute all my energies into creating a leading education institution. NTI’s research on mindfulness and loving-kindness training with High Schools students is focused on training teachers and students in Buddhist meditation techniques as a ‘life skill’, with studies done on the impacts on school work and home environments. With the world experiencing rapid political, economic, social and environmental change, NTI is dedicated to fostering knowledge that contributes positively to humanity and world issues. 
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Donor Charter
The Nan Tien Institute (NTI) Foundation is responsible for the core roles of Advancement, Development and Community Engagement.

The NTI Foundation promotes philanthropy to advance Nan Tien Institute’s goals in teaching, research, faculty projects, scholarships, community engagement and capital campaigns. 

NTI is committed to consistent and transparent administration and reporting of all fundraising contributions through the NTI Foundation, a unit within the President’s office at NTI.

The NTI Foundation Office receives contributions made by donors, supporters, foundations and corporations.  NTI invests and manages the contributions to protect and enhance their value and disburses them to NTI’s faculties, research centres and student scholarships.

The Nan Tien Institute (ABN 80 139 338 819) is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient (DGR) by the Australian Taxation Office under Division 30, SECT 30.227, Subdivision 30-BA and Subdivision 30B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.