FEE-HELP is an interest-free Australian government loan scheme available to eligible *Australian students which allows students to defer payment of tuition fees for approved courses at higher education institutions.

Please note FEE-HELP assistance does NOT cover voluntary subscriptions or any other costs associated with studying at NTI.

The Government pays the amount of the loan directly to the student's higher education provider. Students repay their loan through the tax system once their income is above the minimum threshold for compulsory repayment.

There is a FEE-HELP limit of $100,879 in 2017 for students. No loan fees or application fees.

Students must apply for FEE-HELP assistance by census date of each subject and provide their tax file number (TFN). Student who do not provide their TFN on or before the census date will not be eligible for FEE-HELP and will be required to pay their fees upfront in full to the Institute.

Download FEE-HELP information Booklet
* Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the Australian Government’s Study Assist website.