Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice is a series of one-day events focused on self-reflection, exploration, networking and practice. 

Featuring a keynote speaker and a variety of workshops, we explore topics such as the power of the mind, genuine connection in a technological world, an anxious society and more.

The series has been organized by volunteers from Nan Tien Institute who are passionate about helping empower individuals and groups to respond effectively to the common challenges of today. 

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Nan Tien Institute (NTI) offers a range of unique study opportunities via its diverse postgraduate program and courses, which incorporate contemplative education methods and meditation, whilst embracing Buddhist philosophy.

We offer students a unique, mindful educational experience with a strong focus on professional and personal development in the areas of Buddhism, health, wellbeing and mental health – a study experience like no other.


Offering a high degree of flexibility, our online courses can be studied full or part-time. Our courses are designed for health and wellness professionals, counsellors, educators, and other leaders who are balancing a work schedule and already have an undergraduate degree. Enrol now or at a time that suits you.