Dr Martin Kovacic

Martin Kovacic (aka Martin Kovan) graduated with a PhD. (Philosophy) at Melbourne University in 2020, with a thesis in Buddhist and cross-cultural ethics and philosophy. Some of this research was commissioned as a chapter on the theme of Buddhism, suicide and Tibetan Buddhist self-immolation for the Oxford Handbook of Buddhist Ethics (OUP, 2018).

In 2014 he participated in a graduate seminar with Jay Garfield at National University of Singapore, dedicated to pre-publication critique of his Engaging Buddhism (OUP, 2015), and has also held exchange and visiting scholar positions at UC Davis (Davis, California), Rishi Valley School (India), Mahidol University (Bangkok) and the Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam). He also holds an MPhil. in Buddhist Studies (University of Queensland, 2009), and an M.A. in English Literature (Sydney University, 2003), which he completed with the American Buddhist poet Gary Snyder at U.C. Davis.

He has worked in Myanmar and Thailand in refugee education and political prisoner advocacy, including in Myanmar during the latter’s first democratic election this century. For over twenty years Martin has studied and practised in the (Gelug) Tibetan Buddhist tradition in Australia, India, the U.S.A., U.K., and France. Links to his published work (in ethics, philosophy, non-fiction, fiction and poetry) can be accessed at www.whisperedlineage.com.




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