Royce Wiles

PhD (South Asian Studies) Australian National University

Lecturer - Buddhist Studies, NTI


Royce Wiles is a specialist international educator, researcher and bibliographer. He is at the core of NTI’s academic team as a full-time lecturer and researcher.


He has 30 years of experience in Asian Studies; South Asian Languages (Hindi, Sanskrit, Prakrits, including Pali); Buddhist meditation; lecturing and tutoring; researching management and course development.


Royce also has extensive experience ranging from specialist historical research; teaching and lecturing; international development; and experience in post-conflict development work; as well as the management of specialist libraries and research programmes.


During his appointment with the Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU), in Kabul Afghanistan, Royce worked with Kabul University, the National Museum of Afganistan, the National Archives of Afghanistan and other agencies attempting to salvage and rebuild the region’s tertiary education system.


Some of Dr Wiles’ other interesting international professional and academic experience includes:

  • Gaining access to rare medieval palm leaf manuscripts held privately in Jaisalmer, India;
  • Initiating and managing a research project funded by the United States Insitute of Peace (USIP) on current land issues as they relate to peace-making in Afghanistan;
  • Delivering training courses and lectures to Nai journalists and Stanford Law students working in Afghanistan; and
  • Providing field work guidance for international PhD scholars and academic advice to Afghan thesis students.


  • Lecturer, Buddhist Studies, Nan Tien Institute, Wollongong

Research Fields and Current Interests

  • Examination of the Pārājikā sections of the Vinaya in the Burmese “Fifth Council” text
  • Textual history of Buddhist “scriptures” (especially in Pali)
  • Background and history of mettā (loving kindness) teachings
  • Nature of text transmission in the Pali canon
  • Jaina canon research
  • Jaina bibliography

Selected Papers and Publications


  • (forthcoming) Bibliography of the Shvetambara canon: a descriptive listing of text editions, commentaries, studies and indexes (Handbuch of Oriental Studies) (Leiden: Brill)

  • 2017 - Mindfulness in education, (edited volume, 360 p) Cambridge Scholars Press, Newcastle upon Tyne. 978-1443816885

  • 2016 - Allon, Mark, Wendy Reade, Chris Clark, Ian McCrabb, Tamara Ditrich, Royce Wiles, and Bob Hudson. “The Kuthodaw pagoda marble-stelae inscriptions, Mandalay, Myanmar: conservation, photographing, and study of a neglected recension of the Pali Buddhist canon,” Bulletin of the Chuo Academic Research Institute 45: 222-249.

  • 2015 - “Buddhadasa Bhikkhu”, in The Buddhist world, Routledge, London, pp. 641-649. ISBN 978-0-415-61044-5

  • 2013 - “The Jina’s realm: continuities and discontinuities between the Jain, Buddhist and Hindu traditions” (Public lecture at the Art Gallery of South Australia at the opening of an exhibition of Jain, Hindu and Islamic art of India)

  • 2013 - “The Sanskrit commentary tradition on Jain texts” Asian and African Studies–Vol. XVI, No. 1 (April 2013): Indian Subcontinent: between Tradition and Modernity.
  • 2013 - “Protection of Mes Aynak: the unique Buddhist archaeological heritage of Afghanistan” Lecture at the Seminar: “Protection of Mes Aynak: the Unique Buddhist Archaeological Heritage of Afghanistan” 2, March 2013, National Assembly Hall, the House of Representatives of Thailand.

  • 2012 - “Trophy libraries and strategic opacity: challenges setting up information management functions for the Afghan legal sector (2003-2011)” In, snapshots of an intervention: the unlearned lessons of Afghanistan’s decade of assistance (2001–11). Berlin/Kabul: Afghanistan Analysts’ Network (AAN).


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