Associate Professor Michael Adams

    PhD Human Geography, University of Wollongong

    Lecturer - 'Buddhism, Environment and Sustainability', NTI


    Michael Adams is Associate Professor in Human Geography at UOW.

    His research and teaching engage with human-nature relationships.


    He has completed extensive research on shared governance arrangements between government conservation agencies and Indigenous communities in national parks and World Heritage Areas, including direct contributions to policy development.

    Other research has examined Indigenous and local knowledge systems and how these interact with Western knowledge frameworks, as well as the cultural dimensions of hunting, especially around knowledge, respect and sacredness. 


    Current work examines freediving as a means of relationship with our Blue Planet. He is also interested in the theory and practice of transformational learning experiences.


    Methodologically, Michael likes ‘full-immersion fieldwork’, getting deeply and actively involved in the human and non-human lives and landscapes he researches. He has worked with Indigenous and other communities across Australia, in arctic Scandinavia, Indonesia, the United States and in India. He engages with the contemplative traditions through yoga, meditation and nature.


    • Lecturer - 'Buddhism, Environment and Sustainability', Nan Tien Institute, Wollongong,
    • Associate Professor in Human Geography at University of Wollongong