Dr Ruth Fitzpatrick

About me.

“My PhD is in the discipline of sociology on the topic of Engaged Buddhism in Australia. In particular, I focused on the cultural translation that takes place when Buddhism migrates to the West. Since submitting my PhD I have been a research fellow in sociology of religion for projects on Buddhism in Australia, religion and spirituality in Australian teens, religious diversity in Australia and (Con)Spirituality. I have taught academic subjects on religion and social change, religion in the modern world, Tibetan Buddhism and religion in youth.  My academic interests lie in the way religion and spirituality change through place and time and the manner in which people make them meaningful to the contexts of their own lives. I am equally committed to, with varying success, practising and embodying the Dharma in everyday life. I am particularly interested in the way contemplative practices can transform individuals and relations between sentient beings. I am most aligned with the Vajrayana tradition but respect all Dharmic and contemplative approaches to life.”


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