Humanistic Buddhism Centre


    "Humanistic Buddhism is ‘what the Buddha taught, what is essential to human beings, what purifies, and what is virtuous and beautiful."


    Welcome to the Humanistic Buddhism Centre

    Śākyamuni Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, was of this world. The deep truths he realised provide inspiration as a model for spiritual practice in all aspects of our daily lives in this world. Core principles empower our universal humanity – including altruism, joyfulness, mindfulness, and resilience.


    Since the Humanistic Buddhism Centre was established in December 2014, its mission has been to promote applied research and development goals which foster greater understanding and disciplined knowledge of these life principles and how to put them into practice in everyday life.


    Three areas of focus follow:

    • Applied Research:
      The Centre undertakes innovative research projects in humanistic values that contribute to the scholarly and teaching communities. 
    • Development:
      The Centre facilitates the inter-disciplinary development of teaching aids that contribute to Nan Tien Institute’s and other institutions’ teaching programs.
    • Community:
      The Centre engages and builds communities with its Buddhist outreach programs through activities such as exhibitions, workshops, retreats, stories, and podcasts.


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    Advisory Committee

    The members of the Centre’s advisory committee are:

    • Emeritus Professor Rob Castle – Chair, Academic Board and Chair, Humanistic Buddhism Centre Advisory Committee
    • Emeritus Professor Bill Lovegrove – President, Nan Tien Institute
    • Venerable Dr Juewei – Director, Humanistic Buddhism Centre, Nan Tien Institute
    • Dr Tamara Ditrich - Head of Program, Applied Buddhist Studies, Nan Tien Institute
    • Dr Terry Froggatt – Head of Program, Health and Social Wellbeing, Nan Tien Institute
    • Emeritus Professor Stephen Hill, University of Wollongong – External Academic Expert
    • Dr Qin Guo, Senior Lecturer in International Communication, Macquarie University – External Academic Expert
    • Venerable Miao Guang, Director, Centre of International Affairs, Fo Guang Shan Institute of Humanistic Buddhism – External Domain Expert
    • Mr Panha Pal, Principal, Pal Buddhist School – Community Representative
    • Mr Sudhashana Udayaratna, retired Founder and Chairman of Udaya Group – Community Representative