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The Humanistic Buddhism Centre (HBC) continues to be a pioneer in research and development on Humanistic Buddhism in Australia with the help of partnerships and volunteers from around the world.

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Humanistic Buddhizm Study in Australia

“Humanistic Buddhism is what the Buddha taught, what is essential to human beings, what purifies, and what is virtuous and beautiful.”

We live in troubled times – increasingly challenged by human impact on the planet which sustains us – in Global Warming; a dangerously technologized world where our ability to destroy, as in nuclear war, radically outpaces the morality to guide by those who are in control; and in the side-lining of compassion and sharing which has resulted in massive global inequality and suffering.

At heart of all these troubles is self-interest.

At heart of a viable future is the need for a return to the strength and guiding force of our humanity – sharing, compassion, commitment, integrity and, perhaps above all, trust.

The Humanistic Buddhism Centre was founded within this world, with a mission to bring humanity back, to foster wider understanding of the strength to this mission which can be drawn from Buddhist Teaching and Values, and at the same time, to build HBC’s mission on continuously learning and adapting, not unsupported dogma.

This mission for HBC is therefore reflected in its teaching – of Buddhist insights and application; in the development of parallel research – tracking historic lessons through to expanding access to contemporary understanding.

Directly in parallel, HBC is building enriching outreach to both apply humanistic values within the wider community and peoples’ daily lives and work, and to feed back greater wisdom and relevance from this experience, into HBC teaching and activities.



Nan Tien Institute (NTI) is a private, not for profit, government accredited higher education provider offering studies in the areas of Buddhist studies, health and wellbeing, within an environment that incorporates contemplative education.

NTI offers postgraduate programs in Applied Buddhist Studies, Health and Social Wellbeing, Humanistic Buddhism, and Mental Health as well as customised Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs and special interest subjects across the areas of meditation, mindfulness and health.

In accordance with the current restrictions our campus facilities are closed. You can continue to study online and our virtual library services remain available. Our academic and student services staff are online and by phone to assist you. Please stay safe.