ABC Radio, “God Forbid” with James Carleton
FGS English Dharma Service
Facing the Covid-19 Pandemic with a Positive Mind
Shelter in Place The Detox Series Covid-19 Edition
Helping From Home The Detox Series Covid-19 Edition
Novel KarunaVirus Meditation for eVesak
Maintaining a Steady Mind The Detox Series Covid-19 Edition
Self-Coaching for Transformation The Detox Series Covid-19 Edition
Immunity in Community The Detox Series Covid-19 Edition
Live Dharma Panel: Finding our Way out of Crisis with Venerable Miao Guang and Venerable Chuehfan
Living with Impermanence with Emeritus Professor Stephen Hill CoP Care and Share
Humanistic Life Ethics in Today’s Digital World – FGS Boston Dharma talk series
Illness with Dr Jonathon Page CoP Care and Share
Women and Buddhism University of Malaya  Faith and Legacy Forum
Reflections 2020: Creativity, Compassion, Capacity Nan Tien Talks
Racism and Faith – Bluestar Intercultural Centre
Reflections from the Platform Sūtra of the Sixth Patriarch – Buddhist Library
Interfaith Panel on Bridging the Gap – University of the West
Thank Buddha It’s Friday: Sharing on Self-Compassion – FGS San Diego
We Only Have One Earth
The Buddha as a Human and a Humanist

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