Message from the President

Welcome to Nan Tien Institute.

For those who are new to our Institute, I’d like to introduce you to what we do.


Nan Tien Institute (NTI) is a higher education institution that draws on centuries of Buddhist wisdom.  We believe learning is for life and all are welcome to study here.  


Our special position in the Australian higher education landscape is our focus on ‘Caring for the Carer’ where we provide opportunities for our students to develop greater resilience and ability to cope with the challenges of modern life.  We do this by offering students a combination of academic excellence and opportunities for personal development.


With programs based on Buddhist wisdom and ethics, including the opportunity to grow through developing mindfulness practice, NTI is supporting and inspiring its students to develop strong values of their own. Values that guide them to become active members of society, to evolve successful and stimulating careers, and to build resilience along with a spiritually rich and mindful life.


Through these activities, NTI aims to be recognised internationally as a regional hub for Buddhist scholarship and teaching and for East-West cultural exchange.   


Since commencing teaching in 2011 from its small campus at the Nan Tien Temple, NTI has continued to grow and now delivers programs from its state-of-the-art campus in Wollongong. The NTI Wollongong campus continues to be a serene place of calm, meditation, wisdom and learning which impresses everyone who visits.   


We invite you to join us and participate in the endless opportunities at NTI and I look forward to sharing the Institute with you as we continue to grow and evolve.  


Best wishes,

Bill Lovegrove President - Nan Tien Institute