Buddhism in the Sea of Islands Webinar series

The Asia-Pacific region is home to by far the largest number of Buddhists in the world. While Buddhism in Asian societies has been extensively studied, Buddhism in the Pacific region remains under-explored, despite the fact that Buddhists comprise a significant proportion of the populations in these countries. This project aims to bring together an international, multidisciplinary group of researchers to examine Buddhism in Pacific contexts, with a particular focus on transnational flow and counterflow of Buddhism and interactions between immigrants and the indigenous people, both in historical and contemporary societies in the region.

Webinar Details
Format: Online Zoom meeting, 45-min presentation + 45-min Q&A
Webinar series (third Thursday of the month June – October 2021)

Buddhism in the
Far North of Australia: (In)visibility, cosmopolitanism and materiality

17 June 2021

4.00pm-5.30pm AEST

Anna Halafoff, Enqi Weng, Kim Lam (Deakin

Cristina Rocha (Western Sydney University)

Flows of
Innovation in Fo Guang Shan Oceania: transregional dynamics behind the Buddha’s Birthday

15 July 2021

4.00pm-5.30pm AEST

Juewei Shi (Nan Tien Institute of Higher

Sioh Yang Tan (Nan Tien Institute of Higher Education)

Japanese Buddhist Women in Hawai’i:
Waves of Change

19 August 2021

4.00pm-5.30pm AEST

Karma Lekshe Tsomo (University of San Diego)

Social Sources and Cultural Forms of Buddhism in Contemporary Aotearoa New Zealand

21 October 2021

4.00pm-5.30pm AEDT

Sally McAra (University of Auckland)
Mark Mullins (University of Auckland)

Buddhism in the Pacific Research Network

Buddhism in the Pacific Research Network 

An international, multidisciplinary group of researchers with a shared interest in Buddhism in historical and contemporary societies in the Pacific region. 

Contact: Buddhism_network@nantien.edu.au 


Michelle Barker (James Cook University)  contact |  research profile 

Helen Baroni (University of Hawaii)    contact |  research profile 

Jørn Borup (Aarhus University)    contact |  research profile 

Ugo Dessì (University of Cape Town)    contact  |  research profile 

Ruth Fitzpatrick (Deakin University)      contact  | research profile 

Anna Halafoff (Deakin University)      contact  | research profile 

Kim Lam (Deakin University)     contact | research profile 

Nadine Levy (Nan Tien Institute)    contact | research profile 

Sally McAra (University of Auckland)    contact | research profile 

Paul Morris (Victoria University of Wellington)    contact | research profile 

Mark Mullins (University of Auckland)    contact | research profile 

Ryota Nishino (University of the South Pacific)    contact | research profile 

Sara Rahmani (Victoria University of Wellington)    contact | research profile 

Cristina Rocha (Western Sydney University    contact | research profile 

Juewei Shi (Nan Tien Institute)    contact | research profile 

Sue Smith (Charles Darwin University)    contact | research profile 

Sioh Yang Tan (Nan Tien Institute)    contact | research profile 

VenerableKarma Lekshe Tsomo (University of San Diegocontact | research profile 

Enqi Weng (Deakin University)    contact | research profile 

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