Applied Buddhist Studies

Nan Tien Institute’s Applied Buddhist Studies (ABS) program is unique in its balance between the scholarly research of Buddhism and its application – Buddhist practice and experiential learning. NTI recognizes that both aspects are important and need to be well balanced and integrated for maximum effective learning.

Education is an essential part of a life-long quest for knowledge, skills and wisdom. This program not only provides theoretical knowledge of a broad range of areas in Buddhism – from Buddhist history, philosophy and meditation to Buddhist responses to challenges of the modern world – but also provides students with the tools and skills to continue to grow spiritually, emotionally and professionally through life.

The program combines graduate-level lectures and seminars with extensive research projects in a range of areas, including Buddhist textual analysis, ethics, meditation and contemporary practices, applied in education and other professional fields. ABS introduces the methods and skills involved in established academic research, and develops the ability to undertake independent research projects within the fields of religious studies, history, philosophy, psychology and education, grounded in Buddhist discourse.

Master of Arts in Applied Buddhist Studies

Graduate Diploma in Applied Buddhist Studies

Graduate Certificate in Applied Buddhist Studies


Nan Tien Institute (NTI) is a private, not for profit, government accredited higher education provider offering studies in the areas of Buddhist studies, health and wellbeing, within an environment that incorporates contemplative education.

NTI offers postgraduate programs in Applied Buddhist Studies, Health and Social Wellbeing, Humanistic Buddhism, and Mental Health as well as customised Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs and special interest subjects across the areas of meditation, mindfulness and health.