Introduction to Buddhism


Key Information

Lecture dates 2018: 16 - 20 July 2018 (9am - 5 pm)

Lecture dates Semester 1 2019: 18 - 22 Feb 2019 (9am - 5 pm)

Lecture dates Semester 2 2019: 13 - 14 July, 20 - 22 July 2019 (9am - 5 pm)

Census date 2018: 16 July 2018

Census date Semester 1 2019: 18 Feb 2019 


Census date Semester 2 2019: 13 July 2019 

Lecturer: Dr Royce Wiles Duration: 5 weeks (incl. 5 days on-campus)**
Location: NTI Wollongong Campus, 231 Nolan St, Unanderra, NSW 2526, Australia
Subject Code: Postgraduate: ABS901 / Undergraduate: ABS701 (Cross-institutional Study)

Subject Overview

'Introduction to Buddhism' outlines and explores the fundamentals of Buddhist thought. Students examine ideas around the origin and development of Buddhism, key Buddhist doctrines, and the basic concepts of Buddhist philosophy across various traditions. The role of Buddhist philosophy, meditation, and practice in approaching morality and ethics, as well as contemporary developments in global Buddhism, is introduced and critically appraised. Students critically examine the meaning of life through Buddhist perspectives.

Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental concepts of Buddhism
Develop critical thinking on the traditional interpretations of the major concepts of Buddhism

Explore and develop a personal understanding of Buddhism and the discipline of Buddhist studies
Develop specific research questions, objectives or hypotheses for a research project


* Time structure:

- 1st week: pre-reading

- 2nd week: face-to-face classes at NTI Wollongong Campus
- 3rd to 5th week: time for completing written assessments