Capstone Seminar

Subject code NTI951
Lecturer Dr Elizabeth McDougal
Delivery mode Online, live
Duration Ten weeks
Next start date Visit timetable

Subject Overview

This subject is structured as a seminar in which two or more students participate actively in the process of knowledge generation. Students translate a topic of interest or concern into a research inquiry by defining, developing and refining it to build a case for the literature review. They then identify leading scholars or masters, classic texts, watershed publications or presentations, and current debates in the chosen topic of interest by reviewing the literature. Students will acquire the skills needed to evaluate, critique and synthesise key sources in their field of inquiry. While expanding their knowledge of a field of inquiry, they will become aware of the structures, approaches, best practices, sources of authority, and protocols that govern the field. This subject provides opportunities for students to offer and receive feedback in class through peer review.



Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the ability to delimit a subject of study and build the case for a literature review via oral presentation skills.
  2. Develop advanced skills in searching and critically reviewing various kinds of discourses as well as evidence-based claims and/or practices (including debates, seminal bodies of knowledge or best practice).
  3. Analyse evidence relating to a topic of interest, synthesise diverse viewpoints contained in the literature, and draw conclusions about the state of the subject of study.
  4. Develop skills in providing and responding to peer feedback in relation to literature research. 





  • Assessment 1: Oral presentation of a research interest (30%)
  • Assessment 2: Presentation of a critique of the literature and providing/responding to peer feedback (30%)
  • Assessment 3: Written critical literature review (40%)


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