Health and Social Wellbeing


Study Online

A blended approach to study enables online flexibility within our strutured Digital Intensive Classroom.


Study at your own pace

Options include up to 36 months part-time and as quick as 18 months full-time. 


FEE-HELP Available

As of 2020, there is $106,319 in FEE-HELP available for students. No loan fees or application fees apply to postgraduate students.

Nan Tien’s Health and Social Wellbeing courses prepare Graduates to promote health and wellness in their own lives and in the lives of other individuals and groups in the broader community.

The knowledge, insights, and practical skills gained in these courses are highly relevant to community development and the helping professions, such as counselling, social work, community health, aged care management, health promotion and health services – as well as the advancement of staff health and wellbeing in the corporate and not-for-profit sector.

The program is organised in three levels which can be taken together or as separate stages towards the Master of Arts (Health and Social Wellbeing).

Master of Arts (Health and Social Wellbeing)

Graduate Diploma (Health and Social Wellbeing)

Graduate Certificate (Health and Social Wellbeing)


Nan Tien Institute (NTI) is a private, not for profit, government accredited higher education provider offering studies in the areas of Buddhist studies, health and wellbeing, within an environment that incorporates contemplative education.

NTI offers postgraduate programs in Applied Buddhist Studies, Health and Social Wellbeing, Humanistic Buddhism, and Mental Health as well as customised Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs and special interest subjects across the areas of meditation, mindfulness and health.