Applied Mindfulness for Professionals

Subject Overview

Mindfulness as a therapeutic tool is now widely used and accepted across a broad range of health and therapeutic settings. The growing body of empirical research suggests that mindfulness practice is particularly useful for lowering chronic anxiety and pain, negative cognitions, and stress, and for increasing wellbeing. There is also increasing empirical evidence suggesting its efficacy in reducing depressive symptoms.

Students in the subject will critically explore how mindfulness is defined, applied, and evaluated in secular settings. The empirical research on the study of mindfulness will be reviewed, and specific approaches to teaching individuals and groups the practice of mindfulness will be explored and developed.

Students will also have the opportunity to choose and investigate, in depth, a specific application of mindfulness practice for their professional setting, and develop a practical teaching process applicable to specific clients.

Learning Outcomes

  • Clearly explain mindfulness and the various applications of mindfulness in secular settings

  • Compare and contrast the definition and utilisation of mindfulness in Buddhism and in secular settings

  • Critically evaluate evidence-based information on the use of mindfulness in the secular world

  • Critically evaluate the use of mindfulness training in mental health, health, education and business settings

  • Undertake a detailed critical investigation of the utility of mindfulness with one specific population or in a specific setting or with a particular presentation of suffering

Subject Structure

This subject runs for five weeks, with the following structure:

Week 1: Pre-reading of prescribed texts
Week 2: Digital Intensive Classroom (5 days x 8 hrs/day)
Weeks 3 – 5: Submission of assessments online



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