Nutrition Through

the Lifespan

Subject Overview

This subject takes a lifespan perspective to nutrition, diet and exercise, addressing nutritional requirements fundamental to human growth through the lifespan, drawing on different health and science disciplines to provide a basis for understanding nutrition.

You will discuss the many factors that impact on healthy food choices and how foods can be utilised to enhance wellbeing.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the issues and complexity of nutrition through the lifespan and the ability to make informed decisions about current and emerging issues in nutrition including its role in health maintenance and promotion

  • Locate and review evidence-based information on the nutritional and therapeutic benefits of foods and make specific recommendations for their inclusion in the diet

  • Compare and contrast treatments based on ‘food as medicine’ and conventional treatment approaches for common diseases

  • Assess information on food quality, food regulation, food production and consumption

Content and Structure:

Nutrition and health

  • World view of nutrition, world health trends

  • Food as medicine and common uses of food for the treatment of health concerns

  • Phytonutrients and medicinal properties of food

  • Evaluation of nutritional status of foods

  • Alcohol and diseases related to alcohol

  • Tobacco and smoking

Nutrition for life
  • Pregnancy, infancy and childhood

  • Adolescent and adulthood

  • Nutrition and ageing

  • Energy balance and healthy body weight

  • Diet, health and eating disorders

  • Nutrition and physical activity and sports

Quality of food
  • Farming and food production

  • Food regulation

  • Epidemiology and social factors that affect food choices

  • Health promotion and food


Subject Structure

This subject runs for five weeks, with the following structure:

Week 1: Pre-reading of prescribed texts
Week 2: Digital Intensive Classroom (5 days x 8 hrs/day)
Weeks 3 – 5: Submission of assessments online



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