Research Project

Subject Overview

This unit provides experience and training in a significant project. Students will work on their specific project proposal in conjunction with their supervisor, engaging in the stages of the research process related to critical review of the literature, designing their project, considering ethical dimensions of their study, and data collection techniques. The emphasis of this unit is on the application of research knowledge gained in other units to the development of the individual project, culminating in a written project proposal.


Learning Outcomes

  • Critically review the literature specific to their study to develop the rationale for their project proposal.
  • Develop specific research questions, objectives or hypotheses for their project.
  • Compare and contrast possible research approaches relevant to the conduct of their project.
  • Review ethical dimensions of their study and address the necessary ethical approval requirements relevant to the project.
  • Design, investigate data collection and analyse techniques for the project where relevant.
  • Critically discuss and present the project’s aims, methodology, anticipated results, and conclusions in a scholarly manner.
  • Critically analyse the impact of the project in relation to theory and practice.

Subject Structure

Students will complete the research process within the relevant 22 week semester under the guidance of their research supervisor.




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