Social Policy,

Health and Welfare

Subject Overview

‘Social Policy, Health, and Welfare’ examines the nature of public health and public health policy frameworks and issues and explores the cultural and social dimensions of health and wellness and the economic and political environment in which health policies and strategies are developed and implemented. The importance of social justice and equity in health care is emphasised.

This subject addresses the determinants of health and achieving improved health outcomes for individuals, carers, communities and populations. Students will practise skills needed to conduct a needs analysis and plan and evaluate an intervention for a health promotion project.


Learning Outcomes

  • Explore and critically emphasise the history, issues, theory and emerging trends of health promotion and health behaviours.
  • Identify the determinants of health, and the barriers and factors influencing health promotion.
  • Compare and contrast concepts of health as an investment and health as a social justice issue.
  • Critically analyse ways of working effectively with individuals, carers and communities.
  • Develop the basic project management skills for conducting a needs analysis, planning strategies to deal with health issues, and evaluating initiatives.

Subject Structure

This subject runs for five weeks, with the following structure:

Week 1: Pre-reading of prescribed texts
Week 2:  Digital Intensive Classroom (5 days x 8 hrs/day)
Weeks 3 – 5: Submission of assessments online



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