Humanistic Buddhism


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A blended approach to study enables online flexibility within our structured Digital Intensive Classroom.


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Study at your own pace: Options include up to 12 months part-time and as quick as 6 months full-time


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As of 2021/2022, there is $106,319 in FEE-HELP available for students. No loan fees or application fees apply to postgraduate students.

The Humanistic Buddhism Program at Nan Tien Institute (NTI) – the first of its kind in Australasia – is designed to help you cope with an increasingly dynamic and interdependent modern world using Buddhist principles and values.

The program draws on the strengths of NTI’s unique resources within its teaching programs, bringing a spirit of creativity and openness to the intellectual exploration of meaning within your personal and professional life.

You will study a range of subjects on Buddhist history, thought, and praxis. Being very close to Nan Tien Temple, you will have an opportunity to experience and study this religious setting (in terms of social engagement, worship, and organisation) as an example to inspire further pursuits.

In addition, the program will prepare you across disciplines and beyond, with regular faculty members and visiting lecturers in a diverse range of specialties.

Graduate Certificate

in Humanistic Buddhism


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