Principles of Professional Engagement

Subject code HB802
Lecturer Venerable Dr Juewei
Delivery mode Online, live
On campus, live
Duration 10 weeks
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Subject Overview

This subject provides student practitioners with specialised skill development and understanding of best practices in engaging with others in values-based issues. Students will explore the effectiveness of a variety of communication and teaching strategies in multicultural and multi-faith communities. A learning environment is provided from which students can analyse best practices, appraise competencies, and apply theory in the teaching and application of humanistic values and Buddhist wisdom in a contemplative and ethical manner.  Topics covered include ethical engagement, teaching methodologies, contemplative learning strategies, religious promotion, and project management in both faith-based and secular communities. Guest lecturers will be invited to share best practices.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Articulate the significance of humanistic bodhisattva values such as compassion, wisdom, committed service and practice through the development, delivery and evaluation of presentation materials for teaching purpose.
  2. Develop and evaluate interpersonal resources for incorporating spiritual practice in light of foundational themes in Humanistic Buddhism.
  3. Demonstrate specialised knowledge of how to integrate the bodhisattva values of compassion, wisdom, committed service and practice into ethical engagement with others.
  4. Deeply reflect on the experience of engaging with others in values-based issues.



  • Assessment 1: Individual teaching presentation on the significance of a buddhisattva value, and critical self-evaluation (30%, due week 4)
  • Assessment 2: Portfolio consisting of literature critiques and journal entries (35%, due week 7)
  • Assessment 3: Reflective report detailing practical application of professional engagement strategies to a real-word learning experience in a group (35%, due week 10)


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