Mental Health

    The Faculty of Health at Nan Tien Institute (NTI) provides accredited postgraduate courses in Mental Health designed for health professionals interested in making a difference to the lives of people experiencing mental illness, whilst taking care of their own wellbeing.


    Our Mental Health program offers students a leading-edge and holistic educational experience, with a focus on contemplation, ethics and compassion - unlike any other Mental Health education offered in Australia.


    An important element of education at NTI is the embodiment of self-care and mindfulness within the process of learning how to care for the mental health and wellbeing of others, an approach essential to successfully addressing the risks of burnout and fatigue inherent within the health industry.


    The knowledge, insights and practical skills gained are highly relevant to mental health or other health professionals where a compassionate understanding of mental health experiences is beneficial.


    The program commences with a Graduate Certificate in Mental Health. A Graduate Diploma and Master of Arts (Mental Health) will be launched in 2020 for those wishing to continue their studies further.

    Follow the link below to learn more about the Graduate Certificate in Mental Health

    Graduate Certificate

    in Mental Health