Research Methods and Evidence-Based Practice (Online)

Subject Overview

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is central to contemporary health research and practice. In this subject, students will learn how to approach research in mental health by effectively searching the literature, critically appraising evidence, and assessing its significance. Students will also critically analyse mental health research from an ethical perspective and will understand the importance of lived experience perspectives in research. Students will learn how to apply scientific methods and statistical principles to a variety of research situations and questions and to understand the ways in which knowledge in the health and social sciences is validated and communicated.  

An Evidence Based Practice (HSW903) subject is also offered (on-campus) as part of the Health and Social Wellbeing curriculum, designed for health professionals working in a broader range of healthcare settings.


Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate understanding of a range of approaches to research in mental health, the social sciences and health practice, their strengths and weaknesses and the situations in which they can be applied. 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of research ethics and the requirements for ethics approval. 
  • Demonstrate the capacity to search and critically review the literature, appraise the sociological, statistical and clinical significance of evidence relating to a research topic, draw conclusions about the significance of the evidence and make suggestions about further research and development. 
  • Develop specific research questions suitable for research projects and write a research proposal. 

Subject Structure

This subject runs for ten weeks, via our online learning platform NTiLearn.



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