Mental Health


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A blended approach to study enables online flexibility.


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Options include up to 36 months part-time and as quick as 18 months full-time. 


FEE-HELP Available

As of 2021/2022, there is $106,319 in FEE-HELP available for students. No loan fees or application fees apply to postgraduate students.

The Faculty of Health at Nan Tien Institute (NTI) provides accredited postgraduate courses in Mental Health designed for professionals interested in making a difference to the lives of people experiencing mental illness, while taking care of their own wellbeing.

The program offers a Graduate Certificate in Mental Health, Graduate Diploma in Mental Health and Master of Mental Health online.

Contemplative online education underpins NTI’s education and guides students to practise self-care while providing compassionate care to others. Our Mental Health program offers students an embodied, holistic educational experience, with a focus on mindfulness, reflection, contemplation, ethics and compassion, leading to personal development within online study – unlike any other Mental Health education offered in Australia.

An important element of education at NTI is the embodiment of self-care and mindfulness within the process of learning how to care for the mental health and wellbeing of others. This is an approach essential to successfully addressing the inherent risks of burnout and fatigue for people working in industries serving others.

The knowledge, insights and practical skills gained are highly relevant to health or other professionals where a compassionate understanding of and engagement in people’s mental health challenges is beneficial.

Master of Mental Health

Graduate Diploma

in Mental Health

Graduate Certificate

in Mental Health


Offering a high degree of flexibility, our online courses can be studied full or part-time. Our courses are designed for health and wellness professionals, counsellors, educators, and other leaders who are balancing a work schedule and already have an undergraduate degree. Enrol now or at a time that suits you.