Principles of Professional Engagement

Subject Overview

This subject provides student practitioners with advanced skill development and understanding of best practices in engaging the public and devotees.  Building upon materials covered in previous aspects of the course, students will explore the effectiveness of a variety of communication and teaching strategies in multicultural and multi-faith communities.

A learning environment is provided from which students can analyse best practices, appraise competencies, and apply theory in the teaching and exercise of humanistic values and Buddhist wisdom in a contemplative and ethical manner.  Topics covered include ethical engagement, teaching methodologies, contemplative learning strategies, religious promotion, and project management in both faith-based and secular communities.  Guest lecturers will be invited to share best practices and facilitate learning activities.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this subject, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate professional skills and capabilities that include philosophical and ethical values, to engage devotees, volunteers and members of the public on faith-based issues
  • Apply contemplative and ethical learning strategies when introducing Humanistic Buddhism to children, students and adults in multicultural and multi-faith communities.
  • Develop and evaluate resources for incorporating spiritual practice into Buddhist projects and activities
  • Critically evaluate a situation, analyse the tools and methods available for interventions, investigate contemporary action plans, and present the results.

Lecture topics and class activities include

  • Philosophy, principles, professional and ethical values, and skills for faith-based social engagement
  • Learning and teaching methodologies to suit a variety of learning needs: contemplative pedagogy, andragogy and heutagogy
  • Different learning settings: temple, classroom and online
  • Working with multicultural and multi-faith communities
  • Religious promotion
  • Project management and communication

Subject Structure

This subject runs for five weeks, with the following structure:

Week 1: Pre-reading of prescribed texts
Week 2:  Digital Intensive Classroom (5 days x 8 hrs/day)
Weeks 3 – 5: Submission of assessments online



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