Social and Cultural Wellbeing

Subject Overview

This subject addresses health and social services in the culturally and socially diverse world in which we live and work. Indigenous experience of health and wellness is a major theme, and you will gain an appreciation of the achievements and needs of Indigenous Australians. The subject also examines cultural awareness in the context of the helping professionals for people working in multi-cultural settings with different health and cultural philosophies and practices, and the impact of cultural diversity on health outcomes and the delivery of health care. Students will examine discrimination, equal opportunity and human rights, relationship and social justice principles, social philosophies and practices and theories of social disadvantage

Learning Outcomes

  • Communicate an awareness of personal values, biases and frameworks on cultural and social issues and analyse their impact on communication and behaviour.
  • Show an appreciation of the culture, experiences and achievements of Indigenous Australians in relation to health and wellness, health services, and health outcomes.
  • Critically examine and discuss the meanings of health from culturally diverse perspectives and the expectations for health and social workers in engaging effectively with diverse groups.
  • Discuss the implications for social justice and disparities in health and wellbeing.



  • Equity, culture and diversity for the helping professions.
  • Indigenous experience of health, wellness, health services and health outcomes.
  • Expectations of professional health and social services in a diverse society.

Subject Structure

This subject runs for five weeks, with the following structure:

Week 1: Pre-reading of prescribed texts
Week 2:  Five lecture days on campus (9am – 5pm)
Weeks 3 – 5: Submission of assessments online



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