Nan Tien Institute of Higher Education…

2023 Virtual Open Day


A Welcome Address from Our President

Speaker: Professor Denise Kirkpatrick

President of Nan Tien Institute

An Opening Guided Meditation

Speaker: Venerable Dr Juewei

Head of Program (Humanistic Buddhism)

Acting Head of Program (Applied Buddhist Studies)

Director (Humanistic Buddhism Centre)

Senior Lecturer



Conversational Session and Q&A: A Mental Health Success Story

Speaker: Elizabeth Kuzmanovska

Lecturer (Mental Health and Health & Social Wellbeing)



Conversational Session and Q&A: The Student Experience

Speaker: Nissa Chaiyathanar



Conversational Session and Q&A: From Monastic
to Academic, A Personal Journey

Speaker: Dr Elizabeth McDougal

Lecturer (Applied Buddhist Studies)



Breakout Room: Study Buddhism at NTI

with Venerable Dr Juewei and Dr Elizabeth McDougal



Breakout Room: Study Health at NTI

with Dr Elizabeth King and Dr Nadine Levy

Learn Your Way

Learn about the services and supports available for you as a student.

Deeper Understanding

Understand the process for enrolling at NTI as a government accredited higher education provider.

A Gentle First Step

Receive a first-hand experience of contemplative/Buddhist education.

East-West cultural exchange

Contemplative online education

Our special position in the Australian higher education landscape is our focus on ‘Caring for the Carer’ where we provide opportunities for our students to develop greater resilience and ability to cope with the challenges of modern life.  We do this by offering students a combination of academic excellence and opportunities for personal development.
Launched in 2011, within the grounds of the Nan Tien Buddhist Temple, in Wollongong, Australia, Nan Tien Institute (NTI) is a private, not for profit, government accredited higher education provider offering courses in the areas of Buddhist studies, health and wellbeing.

Offering a high degree of flexibility, our courses can be studied online or on campus, full or part-time. Our courses are designed for health and wellness professionals, counsellors, educators, and other leaders who are balancing a work schedule and already have an undergraduate degree. Enrol now or at a time that suits you.