2021 Virtual Graduation

Nan Tien Institute (NTI) were delighted to be able to invite our graduates and their loved ones to attend NTI’s Virtual 2021 Graduation, held via Zoom due to global COVID-19 restrictions. This fully online event, held on Wednesday 8 December 2021, acknowledged the achievements our students have made completing their studies and graduating under extraordinary circumstances.

Below are some selected videos of the speakers who attended to celebrate the 2021 NTI Virtual Graduation.


The Keynote Speaker of the event was Roshi Joan Halifax – medical anthropologist; Zen Buddhist master; global pioneer in the field of compassion, healthcare, and Buddhism; and the Founder and Abbot of Upaya Zen Centre in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

Additional speakers were:

  • NTI President, Professor Denise Kirkpatrick with the opening address,
  • Abbess of Nan Tien Temple, Venerable Manko with a welcoming address
  • NTI Graduate (Student Speaker), Darren Wagner, and
  • NTI’s Head of Health and Social Wellbeing, Dr Nadine Levy with a grounding meditation.

 Please note, the following videos appear below in their order of presentation at the NTI 2021 Virtual Graduation.


Opening Address | Professor Denise Kirkpatrick

Professor Denise Kirkpatrick, who is the President of Nan Tien Institute, provides a welcoming address to the students, their loved ones, special guests and those in attendance at the virtual graduation.

Welcome | Venerable Manko

Venerable Manko is the Abbess of Nan Tien Temple, Wollongong and the Chief Abbess of Fo Guang Shan temples in Australia and New Zealand. She currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Nan Tien Institute and is Chairperson of the Hsing Yun Education Foundation. Please enjoy Venerable Manko’s warm welcome to all attendees of NTI’s 2021 Virtual Graduation.

Grounding Meditation | Dr Nadine Levy

Dr Nadine Levy is the Head of Program, Health and Social Wellbeing, at Nan Tien Institute. Nadine offers a grounding meditation to those attending NTI’s 2021 Virtual Graduation, to practice together in honour of our graduates.

Keynote Speaker | Roshi Joan Halifax

Roshi Joan Halifax is a medical anthropologist, Zen Buddhist master, and global pioneer in the field of compassion, healthcare, and Buddhism. She is the Founder and Abbot of Upaya Zen Centre in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, and has written numerous books on death and dying, compassionate action, and spiritual practice.

Student Speaker | Darren Wagner

We were pleased to have one of our graduating students speak at the virtual ceremony on behalf of all the 2020/2021 graduates. Master of Arts (Health & Social Wellbeing), Darren Wagner, provided some insights and reflections on studying at Nan Tien Institute.


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