“Live Dharma Panel: Finding our Way out of Crisis with Venerable Miao Guang and Venerable Chuehfan”

Thank you for helping us reach 1000 subscribers on FGS English Dharma Services YouTube Channel. To celebrate this milestone, this is our first LIVE streaming.

2020 has been a very challenging year. Crises of increasing scale are affecting human lives as we know it, forcing us to stop and rethink the impact of human actions. In times like these, we need the light of the Dharma to show us the ways out of crises.
We are honored to invite three speakers to discuss how to react to the current situation with Buddha-Dharma. Tune in to join 10 minutes of simple chanting and 80 minutes of a panel discussion.

Panel Topic: Finding Our Way Out of Crisis

Ven. Chueh Fan, Abbess of FGS Toronto
Ven. Juewei, Director, Humanistic Buddhism Centre, NTI
Ven. Miao Guang, Deputy Chancellor of FGS Institute of Humanistic Buddhism

Ven. Zhi Yue, FGS Institute of Humanistic Buddhism

00:00 Start & Introduction

2:14 English Chanting

11:39 Question 1: An Overview of the Noble Eightfold Path

28:02 Question 2: Applying the Noble Eightfold Path to a Busy Life

40:32 Question 3: How to Maintain Joy in a Crisis

49:46 Question 4: How to develop our inner power through practicing the Noble Eightfold Path?

1:02:19 Question 5~6: What is the Buddhist perspective on what we should say and or keep in silence? When do we speak or when do we act?

1:13:02 Question 7~8: How to differentiate the wholesome and the unwholesome? How to battling with anxiety and insomnia

Fo Guang Shan Toronto

Nan Tien Institute of Higher Education, Australia

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