Buddhist Ethics


Key Information

Lecture dates: 15-16 August & 21-23 August 2020 (9am - 5pm)

Census date: 15 August 2020

Lecturer: Venerable Dr Juewei Duration: 5 weeks (incl. days on-campus)*
Location: NTI Wollongong Campus, 231 Nolan St, Unanderra, NSW 2526, Australia
Subject Code: ABS904

Subject Overview

Buddhist Ethics provides an overview of Buddhist ethics in different traditions; it also examines issues arising from their application in the contemporary world. After outlining the framework of Buddhist ethics, a number of contemporary issues are reviewed and discussed using the lens of Buddhist ethical traditions: issues examined include the natural world (environment, animals, conservation), abortion, suicide, euthanasia, war, gender and sexuality, economics, social responsibility, etc. Increasing individual ethical behaviour is at the heart of Buddhist traditions: understanding the nature of ethical choices and behaviours is also fundamental to a sound comprehension of Buddhism. This subject presents an introduction to the major areas of ethical consideration important in Buddhist teachings and then critically investigates a range of contemporary issues in order to highlight possible contributions from—or gaps in—traditional Buddhist paradigms and perspectives.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of the concepts, beliefs and world-views underlying the principles of ethics as presented in Buddhist traditions
  • Critically analyse fundamental issues involved in the application of Buddhist ethical principles
  • Understand the role of ethics within the traditional Buddhist doctrinal framework
  • Critically evaluate and reflect issues arising from applications of Buddhist ethical principles in a variety of contemporary contexts e.g. euthanasia, suicide, abortion, gender issues, terrorism etc

More generally, foster in students attributes such as critical thinking, problem solving, cultural and historical appreciation, interdisciplinary perspectives, scholarship, and oral and written communication skills